2022 MCA Board Nominations

It is with great pleasure that the Martindale Community Association’s Board Selection Committee announces it is time to elect a new Board. If anyone wishes to run for a position on the Martindale Board, please contact us at 403-930-6188 ext. 2 or by email at martindaleyyc@gmail.com.

Getting involved with your local Community Association is an excellent way to build and cultivate relationships within your community and with neighbours. Serving on the Board of Directors can also enhance your professional skills, is great for resume building, and will provide you with incredible opportunities to work with your local government. 

Board of Directors positions require a person to act honestly, in good faith, and with the best interests of the Association in mind. It is expected that an individual exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonable, careful person would exercise in similar conditions.

A successful community needs volunteers and support from its residents. Get involved today!  


 PRESIDENT:  Provides support and leadership to the Executive, Board Members and Community Members. Supervise the affairs of the Board. Chair all meetings and act as a spokesperson for the Association. This is a leadership position with many opportunities. 

SECRETARY: Attend meetings to take minutes and deal with all correspondence (emails, voicemails, regular mail, etc.) Also, to keep a record of the membership, send out notices for meetings, and to carry out other duties assigned by the Board. The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Association by ensuring meetings are effectively organized, minutes taken, and maintaining records and administration.

TREASURER:  Attend meetings of the Executive and keep the financial records of the Association. Ensure that all monies are collected and deposited, pay bills and maintain a detailed account of receivables and payables. As well, Chair the Finance Committee and prepare an annual audited statement. This is a good position for someone with some bookkeeping experience.

FUNDRAISING DIRECTOR:  Raise funds for the development, maintenance and operation of facilities and amenities. As well, Chair the Fundraising Committee to gather ideas and implement them. They manage and assign responsibilities to members and write grants to obtain funds as well as work closely with the Social Director.

PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR:  Coordinate all discussions and lobbying around planning and development issues in Martindale Community. Development information will come to the Community and the Director will investigate it and present the information to the Board. 

SOCIAL DIRECTOR:  Initiate, arrange and manage social activities for the residents of Martindale. This position will work closely with the Fundraising Director.  They manage and assign responsibilities to members and coordinate fundraising efforts.

SPORTS DIRECTOR:  Initiate, arrange and manage recreational sports activities for residents of Martindale. As well, Chair the Sports Committee and look for funds and resources for programs.

NEWSLETTER DIRECTOR:  Collect and edit articles for the Tri-Community newsletter. Also, to maintain Social Media (Facebook). This would be a great position for someone interested in Journalism.

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE:  This is a good position to hold if you are not sure what you are interested in. A Director will be available for committees and functions. You can be a Director and assist any of the other Directors.

Being on the Board of the Martindale Community Association is very rewarding. You get to meet your neighbours, other community members and get to be a part of the City of Calgary. There are many learning opportunities, and everyone brings their own special talent to the Board.

Please submit nominations by March 31, 2022. Email martindaleyyc@gmail.com or phone 403-930-6188 ext. 2. Please leave your full name, spelling, phone number and email. 

Our Annual General Meeting is Monday, April 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the Genesis Centre,  Meeting Room B, 7556 Falconridge Blvd. NE.

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